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International shipping may be more affordable than you think.

Refer to these estimated delivery times and costs to see if international shipping is the right move for your e-commerce business.

While international shipping prices and delivery timeframes vary depending on parcel size and weight, along with destination country and freight provider, we’ll help get you started with these estimated shipping prices and timeframes to popular countries.

Estimated Shipping Rates

Country Delivery type Estimated delivery time Estimated delivery cost (1kg)
China International express 3 business days From $32.33
New Zealand International express 2 business days From $24.87
UK International express 2 business days From $41.20
US International express 2 business days From $42.53
Singapore International economy express 1 business day From $30.14

Please note that these delivery timeframes and costs are estimates only. To ensure your customers get the best international shipping deal, use an online shipping aggregator to get the best value quote for your custom package size, weight, destination and required delivery timeframe. If you’re thinking about shipping overseas, have a look at our four-step guide to determine if your business should go global. There’s plenty of inspiration from Australian brands that ship globally, so get inspired today.

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Guide to International Shipping