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About Fastway Couriers

Founded in New Zealand in 1983, and operating in Australia since 1993, Fastway Couriers today serves customers in Ireland and South Africa, and ships packages internationally as part of the Aramex network.

Serving a wide range of customers, from independent ebay sellers on one-off senders to large ecommerce and retail customers such as Officeworks, Edible Blooms and Naked Wines, Fastway Couriers pride themselves on providing reliable, speedy and affordable delivery services.

This approach has garnered more than 40 awards for Fastway Couriers, including 2017 International Franchiser of the Year.

Fastway is also known for supporting the communities it serves, sponsoring organisations and campaigns such as the Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day and Kiss Goodbye to MS.

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Commitment to customers, the community, and service excellence, are values we share at  Transdirect. That’s why Fastway Couriers is a trusted provider in offering our customers the best courier solutions available.

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