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How much time do you spend on data entry every day?

According to recent research from online ecommerce platform HubSpot, salespeople spend at least one hour of a day on manual data entry and 63% of Aussie workers spend 2 – 10 hours on repetitive admin work per week.

We’re looking at thousands of dollars going down the drain which could be going towards a Lamborghini.

Just kind of makes you want to…

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You get the picture. Manually entering data is a major time waster for business owners when this time could be spent on growing the business, refining shipping practices, and focusing on customer service, thus creating more opportunities for financial growth.

At Transdirect, we want to make your day more productive, which is why we created our streamlined, time-saving Members Area. Through our exclusive Members Area, booking a courier takes mere seconds and it’s possible to manage all of your shipping practices in one place.

To speed things up even further, we encourage our clients to save frequent addresses, inventory items, and even payment details, so data entry is almost 100% eliminated from your daily schedule.

Interested? Check out our video tutorials below to master the Members Area, or read our step-by-step guides!

How to save frequent addresses in the Member’s Area

  1. You can save frequently used addresses in Transdirect for faster bookings in future. Just head over to the “Settings” area and here you can select “Address Book”.step 1 of saving addresses
  2. Now, here you can import more addresses via CSV, you can export your existing addresses like below, or you can add a new address by clicking [“Add Address”]step 2 of saving an address
  3. Now here, you can add in all of the information for the address you want to save, then you can save the address, so later you can use this address when you’re booking an order.step 3 of saving an address


How to save inventory items in the Members Area

  1. You can save time while making a booking with Transdirect by saving commonly used inventory items in the Member’s Area. All you have to do is head over to “Settings” and then click on the “Saved Items” tab.

step 1 of saving inventory items

 2. Now, to add an item, we just need to click “Add Inventory”.Adding inventory

3.Now, we just need to add a few details including a reference, so we might just say “package”. It’s not mandatory, but you can also leave a description, so we’re just going to put “clothing”. We’re also going to choose a packaging type, so we’re going to say “satchel 1 kilogram”.

adding inventory to your account

4. Now, we also have to add in the quantity, length, width, height and weight of the package. We’ll just say a quantity of one. The length might be 15cm and the width as well. The height might be 5cm and we’ll just put 500g as the weight. Now you just have to click “Save Inventory”.


5. Here, you can see that we’ve saved it in the “Settings” area and you can edit or delete it at any time.

adding regular inventory

6. We’ll show you where that’s going to come in handy – we’ll just head over to the Quick Book function. You can see that our booking and pickup details have been preselected and now we just need to select the delivery details – we’ll just go with our previous gentleman, John Doe. All of his details have been saved from before. Click “continue”.

adding inventory to deliveries

7. Alright, so now we can select [the inventory item] we need here. We can see that our item there – “package” – has got the 500g, 15cm [length and width], 5cm height and we’ve got the quantity which we can put up or down as needed.

adjusting the quantity in your order

How to save payment details for credit cards and PayPal in the Member’s Area

  1. Are you spending too much time entering repeat data? Transdirect wants to help you streamline the booking process by allowing you to save your payment methods. You can use these in the Quick Book function and also just when booking orders in general. To save payment methods, head over to the “Billing” to save credit card details step one
  2. Now head over to “Payment Methods”.

how to save credit card details step two

3. Here you can see we have a fair few payment methods saved including PayPal, credit cards, MasterCard and VISA. Over on the right, you can see that you can add a new payment method, so this could be a new PayPal account or a new credit card account using VISA or MasterCard.

how to save credit card details step three

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