Shopify is well known as one of the best ecommerce platforms on the market.

There are over 400 000 businesses using Shopify.

Those businesses have sold over $34 billion on the platform.

Their platform is super easy to use and has a bunch of features to help the budding ecommerce entrepreneur.

When it comes to shipping and fulfilment, Shopify have a range of options to suit every online store, big or small.

What is shipping fulfilment?

Shipping fulfilment is the whole process of receiving an order, to processing the order and delivery.

You can use your in house team, or an automated system to help you with the fulfilment process.


Third party fulfilment integration

Something you have to know straight up – Shopify has two plans. One is Basic, one is Pro. They have different features and functionalities, so before you commit, check out the differences between the two.

Another helpful tip: You can’t use third party shipping calculators or fulfilment options with the Shopify Basic plan.

A business on the Pro plan can make use of the array of third party fulfilment services. An aspect of this process includes giving your customers real-time tracking and rates and saves you a lot of money long term.

Shopify offers a range of shipping apps, including our very own Transdirect shipping calculator. Our shipping calculator automates the fulfilment process for you.

Using Transdirect simplifies the fulfilment process with simple design and automation.

Once a customer has placed an order you will receive a notification, and be asked to verify the stock.

Our system will then email you the consignment label for the package. You simply need to print the label, attach to your consignment, and wait for one of our couriers to arrive.

Using a third party fulfilment service will help you simplify the whole shipping process, saving you time and money.

You also have the luxury of working with a wide variety of couriers, perfect for if you are shipping heavy items, or require express shipping.


Shopify’s in house fulfilment integration

Shopify offers their own in house fulfilment option. This is the only option for ecommerce businesses on the basic Shopify plan.

You can buy a shipping label from the fulfilment screen once you’re ready to ship your order.

You’ll then enter the shipping details and Shopify will calculate your shipping rate (Note: In Australia, Shopify works with Australia Post).

This is a fairly easy method for fulfilling packages, however you are at risk of spending money on the couriers Shopify work with, rather than getting the best price for the package.

It’s super important to do your research when it comes to picking a fulfilment option – invest the time now and you’ll save yourself a bunch of money (and headaches) in the long term.

For more amazing shipping strategies, download our shipping made easy guide. This guide is filled with some incredible strategies and tips for you to make the most from your shipping strategy.