We already know this year will be the busiest ever for online sales — and deliveries — with some shipping forecasts roughly 30 percent above last year’s peak (and previous records). 

And while we can’t motivate all the last-minute holiday shoppers to start earlier, we all want to serve our customers as best we can throughout this (extra) Silly Season. 

To help de-stress your shipping flow in the weeks ahead, try these three tips: 


  1. Emphasize the importance of ordering earlier

If you’re still working out your holiday shipping cut-off dates, make it as clear as possible throughout your website that shipping demand is at all-time highs. Consider adding copy on your homepage, checkout page/s, a pop-up or “sticky bar”, your Shipping & Returns page, and/or linking to a dedicated Christmas 2021 Shipping page, to stress the importance of ordering as soon as possible. (Here’s a great example.)


  1. Incentivise early orders with special sales 

While sales promos like Click Frenzy and Black Friday happen in November, you might wish to get the jump sooner — and appeal to early-bird holiday shoppers. Whether it’s a VIP offer to your email list, and/or social media fans, a special pre-holiday campaign can boost sales and help smooth out shipping expectations. Idea: Offer discounted/free express shipping on early orders to convert more browsers into buyers ahead of the shipping crunch-time. Bonus: Here are 7 other winning strategies to try this season.)


  1. Optimise your shipping processes

Got lots more orders ramping up already? If you’re using ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce or eBay, now’s the time to streamline your shipping flow with our ecommerce integrations. Also, our Members have a variety of shortcuts to save time, including these top 5 time-saving tips and features


Along with all of our leading courier partners, we’re making every effort to ramp up our services to minimise potential delays and ensure successful deliveries. 


As always, for any assistance, you can reach our friendly Customer Care team here.


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