Here we are in the holiday home stretch, after a year none of us could have predicted.

As 2020 wraps up, more than ever, our Transdirect team wishes to thank our members and customers for entrusting us to help support their businesses. Our courier partners have also faced massive challenges and constraints this year, and kept forging ahead to meet the new demands this year put on shipping and delivery logistics.

While many businesses found ways to adapt and thrive despite months of restrictions, many other small businesses and families did not. We here at Transdirect sincerely hope 2021 will be a brighter year for all. We’ll be here ready to support your business needs.

In the meantime, we’ve rounded up the most common questions we’ve been getting in recent weeks, to help make your holiday shipping season as smooth as we can.

Top 10 Holiday Season Shipping FAQs

1. Can I make multiple bookings from the same page?
On our booking page, you can only book one shipment at a time (but with multiple items), as you need to enter the package details and select the best quote for you. Once that order is completed, you can make additional bookings with the handy “Make another booking” button at the bottom of your order confirmation page.

Our Transdirect Members dashboard also provides expanded options for frequent senders, such as Quick Bookings, address books and more (plus maximum savings). Learn more or get your free Member account here.

2. I want overnight delivery. Can this be guaranteed?
We work hard to ensure our couriers provide the best service and rates possible. In light of the challenges encountered by the shipping industry this year, plus the surge in online shopping and delivery demand, guaranteed overnight delivery may not be available in some parts of Australia, and/or for your particular shipping needs. If you need assistance with guaranteeing your overnight delivery options, please contact our customer support team.

3. What if I don’t have the exact weight or dimensions of the item?
Please provide the very best details you can to ensure accurate rates. If you don’t know the correct weight or dimensions of the item, it is always better to overestimate. Incorrect item declaration charges will apply if the carrier declares the item specifics to be greater than stated in the booking. These charges will be based on the corrected details being used in a new quote calculation, and the balance calculated.

4. Do you provide tracking of parcels?
Yes, you can track your deliveries online, anytime, with your consignment number. Most carriers have instant tracking upon collection. However, in some instances a consignment will only appear in track and trace after arriving at a capital city depot. Please allow up to 4 hours from a capital city, or up to 24 hours if sending from a non-capital city.

5. Can I ship to a P.O. Box?
Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to P.O. boxes. If the shipment is going to a regional post office, with prior permission granted, it may be possible in some instances. In this case, please contact our customer service team for details.

6. I’m having trouble adding the collection or delivery address.
Unfortunately, this can happen with some addresses, as the database we use with our couriers is always evolving. In some cases, it may be a simple formatting error, or misspelling, or similar. The best recourse is to doublecheck the address as input, in the key fields, and if it’s still not being recognised, contact our friendly support team to help you get it sorted.

7. Do you deliver goods on Saturdays?
Yes, but it depends on a few factors and your specific shipping needs — for example, delivery to residential or commercial addresses — as well as when you’re booking the delivery, pickup time and courier, and so on. Saturday delivery may be available for your situation, if it fits certain criteria, and the easy way to find out is to closely review your options.

8. Last week the price was cheaper?
That can happen. Like flights or hotels, rates can fluctuate based on demand, as well as your specific shipping needs. When you get a cheap shipping quote that ticks all the boxes, book it straight away to lock in the lowest rate!

9. Can you offer a better quote for a not-for-profit?
We endeavour to pass along the lowest rates available from our courier partners. We’re proud to support small businesses, solopreneurs and not-for-profits, and help them grow and thrive with the best shipping rates possible, especially with the added savings of our free Transdirect membership.

10. Do we need to become a Transdirect Member to ship?
Not at all. You’re welcome to use our service with a valid credit card or Paypal account. Note that, with a free Transdirect Membership, you’ll always save the most on your shipping, especially if you ship regularly. To save 10-30% or more, sign up for your free, instant-approval membership today.

Reminder: Holiday Shopping + Shipping vs Santa’s Delivery Constraints

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth reiterating that with so many different and changing restrictions, flights and transport constraints, both nationally and worldwide this year, it’s impossible to clearly advise on general cutoff dates and firm guarantees for shipping and parcel delivery.

For local and interstate deliveries, including same-day, next-day and express, we’ve been expanding our courier options to provide more services whilst maintaining the lowest rates, so your team can keep your customers’ holiday seasons bright. Those expanded courier and freight services also include international shipping, yet the options are of course different due to the aforementioned country-specific factors.

As always, be extra conservative with delivery timeline and estimates, plan ahead for 1-3 days of potential delays wherever you can, and of course, clarify the potential for delays with customers to help set expectations (as much as as possible).

Free and Easy Parcel Tracking, Year-Round

Whatever you’re shipping this season, wherever you’re sending it, you and your customers can always keep track of deliveries using our free Transdirect parcel tracking tool.