multi-carrier aggregated shipping in motion

Have you ever wondered if you’re getting the best deal when you just shop at Woolworths?

It’s a one-stop shop for all your daily necessities, but have you ever wondered if you pay the price for that? You may be sacrificing food quality or diversity by shopping at the one store.

The same premise applies to working with a single courier.

Yes they may be able to ship the majority of your orders across the nation, but you may find yourself short-changed if you are unaware of the other options in the market.

As your business grows, juggling orders with a single courier can get complicated – and we’ve seen lots of business owners struggle to make a profit due to the impact of shipping costs.

To make shipping simpler for your business, we’ve created a multi-carrier aggregated shipping platform that provides multiple carrier options based on the parcel size and weight, geographic location of the receiver, service level, and speed of delivery – all in one place.

Switching from a single courier to a multi-carrier aggregated shipping model could change the way you do business – and save a whole lot of time and money. In this blog, we highlight the benefits of an aggregated shipping model and explain how this could revolutionise your business!

You can go “rate shopping” for the best service and best price

Courier and freight companies often have their own specialties.

For example, one courier might offer an excellent price for shipping large or heavy items, whereas another courier might have a better deal on express deliveries to regional or remote areas.

Asking a single courier to juggle all of your customer or business needs and still offer the same price for shipping is unrealistic, which is why it’s important not to rely on one courier and switch to a multi-carrier shipping model.

With a multi-carrier shipping platform like ours, you can compare quotes from a wide range of carriers specific to each package you send, so you can choose the best value service based on the individual requirements of each delivery.

You have more flexibility

The growth of ecommerce over the last decade has led to an increase in demand for more flexible shipping options, express delivery, and on-demand delivery.

Customers demand flexibility more than ever before, and offering a superior shipping offering is the way into their hearts (and wallets). Whether it be the cheapest delivery possible or next-day delivery for those with paper-thin patience, an aggregated shipping model has something for everyone.

Our model allows you to compare quotes by price and delivery time, so you and your customers can choose whether to pay a little more for speed or pay a little less for patience.

No more wasted time

Calling around and speaking to multiple couriers can be tedious and time consuming.

With our aggregated shipping platform, you can compare prices and services of eleven major couriers and freight companies in a matter of seconds, then make an informed decision.

You can forget about waiting for the courier to arrive and pick up your consignments. Instead, you can sort quotes based on the earliest pick-up time available and choose a time that’s convenient for you.

You can tailor your customer’s shipping experience to achieve the ultimate level of satisfaction to keep them coming back for more – that is, after all the end goal!

You can protect packages (and customers will be none the wiser)

With Transdirect, you can absorb insurance costs into the quotes of each carrier. This gives customers the option of protecting their packages in transit with insurance.

When generating quotes for parcel delivery, enter the value of the package into the insurance value box and our aggregated shipping platform will add the insurance cost to the quote.

Absorbing this cost into the cost of goods, or into your shipping pricing matrix will be your saviour if anything happens to the goods.

A multi-carrier delivery strategy will help save time, cash, and keep customers coming back for more. Swap to multi-carrier aggregated shipping today!