Buying on eBay is like going to the farmer’s markets – there are a million treasures to find, and you’re spoilt for choice.

Selling on eBay is much the same, only slightly different – you’re competing against the other ‘farmers’ for your customers hard earned dollars.

And you know every dollar counts in competition.

There’s a simple way to beat the competition – competitive postage prices.

In one of our previous articles – four different ways to set eBay postage costs to save money, we walked you through four ways to set postage costs which save you money.

Now we’re going to show you how to add a shipping calculator to your eBay listing using our very own eBay shipping calculator.

Offer your customers competitive postage and reap the rewards in the form of cold hard cash.

Step by step instructions on adding a shipping calculator to your eBay listing

#1. Visit our Ebay Postage Calculator page.

#2. Enter your specific package details for the listing (the more accurate, the better).


You can even include insurance value for your products, for added protection.

#3. Now for the fun part- pick your calculator style.


#4. The HTML code will now appear – you can add this directly to your listing.


#5. Now you can copy and paste this into the item description box. Simply change from ‘standard’ to ‘HTML’in the item description box and paste the HTML code into the box, underneath your item description.


#6. You can now list your item with a postage calculator, congratulations!


Why are postage calculators better than flat rate shipping?

Postage calculators allow your business to ship products at a lower cost to your customers.

How you ask?

When you use postage calculators you are using specific data to determine a price.

This data is based on the size and weight of the package, and the distance between your business and your customer.

If you post using a flat rate shipping method, you are doing a lot of guess work which takes up significant time and money for your business.

Need a solution for high-volume shipping? Check out the Transdirect eBay Shipping Integration.

Save the time and money by implementing shipping calculators across your eBay listings and beat the competition with competitive postage prices.

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