Did you know WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores?

Their platform has over 123 million downloads.

And the best ecommerce stores amongst these 123 million downloads have a clearly defined shipping strategy.

Choosing a shipping option can be confusing, especially when you’re starting out and trying to get your ecommerce site up and running.

There are myriad choices when it comes to finding ways to integrate your WooCommerce store with a shipping provider.

So which couriers integrate with WooCommerce and what’s the best choice for you?


Which Australian Couriers integrate with WooCommerce as a plugin?


Australia Post

Australia Post has their own integrated plugin for WooCommerce and offers two different versions of their service – free and pro.

Note: Australia Post is also available in other courier-aggregated plugins on WooCommerce.



This service has only just launched their WooCommerce plugin and offers an open API for customisation.

If you’re looking for a simple integration without getting help from a developer, you may want to avoid API customisations.

That’s a pretty limited choice, so how can you integrate the best couriers in a single shipping plugin without all the hassle?


What’s the easiest way to integrate your WooCommerce store and access a range of couriers in one place?

 Transdirect WooCommerce Plugin shipping aggregator

You can access Australian Couriers as an aggregated service – integrated into a single WooCommerce plugin!

Several Australian couriers integrate with WooCommerce through other plugins. Pick a shipping plugin that allows you to ship from a range of reputable couriers – you’ll get the pick of the best, with competitive prices. The following couriers feature on a few different WooCommerce plugins, including Transdirect’s very own WooCommerce shipping plugin.


Allied Express

Allied Express is one of the largest independently owned couriers in Australia. They have a fleet of over 1000 trucks and vehicles Australia-wide.


DHL are a global courier company with over 350 000 employees. They have multiple options for a growing ecommerce business, including express shipping.

Direct Couriers

Direct Couriers offer local, same day shipping and delivery. They specialise in fast deliveries Australia-wide.

Couriers Please

Couriers Please offer nationwide coverage across Australia, and recently expanded their International and Domestic Air Services to expand their services in Australia and across the globe.


With 13 branches across the nation, Northline is an Australian courier with a huge focus on their customers. Their specially-trained staff will get your products to your customer’s door as efficiently as possible.

Star Track

Star Track are dedicated to supporting ecommerce businesses. Their investment in the future of delivery and fulfilment has lead to a significant expansion of their business – they can offer same day shipping in metro areas, and their entire team is focused on continual improvement.


TNT delivers and operates in over 200 countries across the globe, making them an internationally renowned courier.


Toll are easily one of the most recognised and trusted logistics brands worldwide. They have been operating for over 120 years – they’re industry leaders and trusted suppliers for ecommerce brands all over the globe. Safety of your package and efficiency of delivery are Toll’s focus.

Toll Priority

Toll Priority is an affiliate company of Toll, specialising in express delivery for their customers. Their dedication to a speedy delivery is all part and parcel of the service.


There are plenty of couriers integrating with WooCommerce – you just need to weigh up the options and select the supplier who is the right fit for your brand and resources.

Remember, when you are working with a freight aggregator like Transdirect you can trial many different couriers to find the right one for you. This will reduce your risk and help you determine the best fit.


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