Australian shoppers spent more than $10 billion last Christmas. That leaves little wonder why retailers go into hyperdrive over the holiday season. The December retail boost also means that many first-time customers are likely to be among the new wave of Christmas shoppers checking out your brand.

This offers savvy ecommerce retailers the opportunity to give your new customers a brand experience to remember. Taking your Christmas season packaging to the next level will help you stand out from the other brands under the Christmas tree, build your brand awareness and turn first-time customers into repeat business.  

Here are five Christmas packaging tips to surprise and delight your customers this holiday season…

#1. Splash out on gift wrapping


Christmas is a busy time and wrapping presents isn’t everyone’s favourite task. Providing free gift wrapping will take a task off your customers’ crowded to-do list. Consider using a branded ribbon or a branded name tag to get your logo under the Christmas tree. It will be great for your brand recognition, and will likely build a sense of anticipation and occasion around your brand. 

#2. Use festive fillers

Embrace the Christmas spirit and add a touch of yuletide joy to your packaging fillers. Shredded red and green paper inside the box, for example, will get your customers feeling jolly. Perhaps a little tinsel, a surprise candy cane or even a branded Christmas tree decoration will keep your brand front and centre come Christmas Day. 

#3. Cash in on the unboxing trend

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Unboxing has become huge on YouTube and Instagram with hashtags dedicated to beautiful packaging (there are more than 1 million posts on Instagram’s #unboxing hashtag). Cash in on that trend this Christmas with a brand hashtag printed on your packaging. It will encourage unboxers to tag your hashtag in their posts, and your hashtag will get seen by anyone viewing unboxing photos and videos.   

#4. Include a Christmas note


Thanking your customers is important all year round, but popping a personalised Christmas note in your packaging can have extra impact at this time of the year. However, try to keep it non-denominational. Remember that some people don’t celebrate Christmas, so using generic terms such as ‘happy holidays’ will avoid making any of your customers feel alienated.

#5. Make it interactive

Why not turn your packaging into a Christmas gift of its own? Create a box your customers’ kids can turn into a Christmas decoration with a few strategic cuts and folds. Just ensure your logo gets pride of place on the finished decoration. Getting your brand displayed in your customers’ homes throughout the Christmas season is an opportunity that’s difficult to buy.  

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash