Why Transdirect is a perfect solution to your ecommerce shipping needs

At Transdirect, nothing makes us happier than knowing our customers are thrilled with the shipping solutions we offer.

However, some of you may not be aware of the incredible things you can do with Transdirect – for example, did you know you can add our plugin to your website so your customers can see the cost of their shipping, as they’re ordering?

There are several benefits to your business when using the Transdirect service to regularly ship your products, especially when you’re a member with us.

We want to ensure your business can ship packages with the speed and efficiency your customers deserve, which is why we have developed an ebook running through all the ins and outs of our incredible multiple carrier aggregated shipping service.


Download our shipping guide today and discover some more of the fantastic benefits the Transdirect service provides our members.

What will I learn when I download the guide?

We won’t be able to solve all the challenges of running an ecommerce business, it’s true. But when you use Transdirect you can dramatically improve the shipping and logistics area of your business – it’s all about streamlining your packing & shipping service with our wide range of applications to help you pick the best shipping service, for the best price.

Our six chapter ebook will teach you:

  • The benefits of our multiple carrier aggregated platform
  • How we help our customers overcome any challenge
  • Flexible payment options available for Transdirect customers
  • How to integrate Transdirect technology with your ecommerce platform
  • Which couriers are the best in the biz – and what they specialise in
  • The 9 different freight services we provide, including: interstate, express, same day delivery and more.
  • And more…

Download the Transdirect Starter Guide today and learn how your ecommerce business can benefit from our efficient shipping solution.

Do I need to be a member when I ship with Transdirect?

Not at all! You can ship products as a guest (and do so easily). However, as a Transdirect member, you have exclusive access to some seriously cool tools such as our incredible open API which allows you to quote, book and track packages.

Transdirect members also receive an automatic 10% discount on all services (and can save up to 30% in some cases). It’s free to sign up and also grants you access to the Transdirect member’s area – which is where some seriously cool stuff is happening.

Download the starter guide to learn more about what you can do with Transdirect, and sign up today to start saving some serious money on your shipping costs.