businesswoman using parcelpoint


ParcelPoint: The King of Flexibility.

With over 1500 locations in Australia and flexible hours for drop-offs, you are spoiled with flexibility when working with ParcelPoint.

This Australian company offers you huge flexibility (and your customers if they need to return goods) with three major benefits:

#1. Multiple Locations

Instead of being forced to rush to the post office (or wait around for a courier), you are living the life of luxury by having over a thousand different Parcelpoint locations (many at your fingertips!) to pick from.

Your package will be tracked thanks to Transdirect’s premium tracking service – sending a package has never been so easy!

#2. Flexible hours

Say goodbye to waiting around for couriers. Say ‘see ya later’ to rushing to the post office at 4:45 pm to drop off that package.

ParcelPoint makes your life easy – simply drop off your package when you’re ready to any of our locations. Most locations are open a bit later, meaning you can just swing by on your way home from the office to drop off that package.

#3. Your package will be delivered nationwide

A huge benefit of using ParcelPoint through Transdirect is the knowledge your package will get to where it needs to be.

Once you book your package with Transdirect, you can drop off your parcel at the most convenient ParcelPoint location. We will then manage the delivery to the buyer’s location, informing you of progress along the way.

We provide you with a competitive price meaning you can spend more time on your core service while we deliver across Australia.

Parcels are accepted up to 10kg and 120cm cubic dimensions so get a quote now and see how competitive and convenient we really are.

Transdirect work with 11 fantastic couriers in Australia. Learn more about them today, and get shipping with Transdirect!

Image: Pexels