There is nothing more heartwarming than knowing you’ve done a good deed. Especially when that good deed is literally life-changing.

We talked to Caet from GIVIT and talked about the work they do, and how they’re helping vulnerable Australians.

Tell us about GIVIT – what do you do and how do you help Australians?

We are a not-for-profit who connects charities in need, to those who are donating. We work with charities across Australia who sign up on our platform. They list the items they need, which donors can see when they look up their suburb or postcode. Donors can then donate the item and have the item either picked up or dropped off to the person in need.

It’s like a matchmaking platform for charities and donors.

Since 2009, more than 783,000 items have been donated via our platform to assist vulnerable, impoverished and marginalised Australians.

We are rethinking the way people donate – instead of giving unwanted items to charities who are overflowing with useless items, donors can see exactly what people need, and donate those items.

Donors can also “pledge” the items they wish to give. Some examples of donors include people donating their high-quality second-hand furniture or appliances if they’re buying new homewares, which can then be reserved by a charity in the nearby area. It’s a fantastic way to prevent usable items from going to landfill and can help turn someone’s life around. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Businesses also work with us to help reduce their landfill and waste – we regularly receive donations of high-quality goods and their unsold or discontinued stock which can be donated to those in need across Australia.

So tell us a few of the ways donors and businesses have helped those in need

Somewhere in Australia, there is a pair of unwanted work boots which could help a father secure work to support his family, a reliable washing machine that will allow a single mother the time to apply for work instead of washing clothes by hand and a bed to stop a child sleeping on the floor.

We have corporate donors who donate their end of line clothing which would usually go to landfill. These brand new clothes go to people in need, including children who are receiving support after experiencing domestic violence and other dangerous situations.

Other cases include a donation of quality technology like ipads and laptops. These “luxury items” were donated to children to help them meet the technology requirements in schools. People forget that these luxury items can be a life changer for those in need so they can become educated and break the cycle of poverty. Businesses often donate these items if they’re buying new technology for the office and can be used by the charities we work with as well.

We are also actively encouraging and supporting drought requests in New South Wales and Queensland. GIVIT has been supporting NSW communities since 2011 and Queensland since 2009.

We have a proven record of managing donations following large emergency events including cyclones, floods and drought. This is an amazing opportunity for GIVIT and its network of generous donors to ensure these incredibly resilient farming communities get exactly what they need, when they need it. As with previous disaster events (like Tropical Cyclone Debbie), GIVIT will work to fill the immediate need and then continue to support these communities over the longer term, ensuring sustainable community recovery.

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So how have you worked with Transdirect over the years?

Transdirect is our main courier supplier when we move donations to regional areas in need.

One specific donation was from Hanes Australasia – Transdirect delivered over 3000 items to Townsville and another 3000 to the Rockhampton/Gladstone region. We received a touching note from one of the charities who received these items:

“I came in today to find the boxes here at the school and cried for an hour straight after only opening the first box.

I am sure you know that these donations mean a lot to us. But I don’t think as providers we fully understand the impact that such kindness has on the young people that we work with.

Now you have provided us with the opportunity to meet the needs of so many more young people, for them to have clothes that are theirs, that fit and that keep them warm.

So I just wanted to say thank you.”

Transdirect help bridge the gap between businesses wanting to donate items and the charities and individuals who need them.

After Tropical Cyclone Debbie, Transdirect helped us get items to Mackay to help the requests from residents recovering from the cyclone destroying their homes and belongings.

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So how can other businesses or individuals help GIVIT and those in need?

There are a few ways businesses and individuals can help us, and the charities we work with.

#1. Donate items

You can select your postcode and see what items are needed in your area. You have the option of delivering them, having them picked up, or arranging to post them. We need the support of individuals, as well as businesses of every size to help people in need. Donations help keep quality but unwanted goods out of landfill – this helps save the environment and has a drastic impact on someone’s life!

#2. Donate money

We also accept financial donations. These donations can be made in two different ways: If you want 100% of the funds directed to a campaign, you can specify this. If you want to help fund our running costs and help us grow so we can help others, you can do this too. This ensures your money is being spent how you want it – transparency is incredibly important to us.

#3. Spread the word

GIVIT can only help others if charities are registered on our platform, and if people are aware of our service. If everyone knew they could donate to GIVIT, there would be fewer people in need and fewer items going to landfill or sitting on the curb waiting for council pickup! We have a community hub filled with resources for those wanting to help by spreading the word of our services.

Support GIVIT today with the donation of your unwanted items and help those who need it most.