There are over 49, 000 free plugins on

That’s a lot of options at your fingertips.

Choosing the right shipping plugin for your online business is stressful.

If it’s not the right one, you’ve wasted valuable time and money.

And making the right choice from hundreds of different options makes choosing what to have for breakfast seem so simple. The stakes are somewhat higher too…

With this in mind, we’re going to run through the features of three amazing WooCommerce plugins.

It’s short and simple, so you can make your decision fast and pain-free.

#1. Best plugin for variable shipping – WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages

What’s so great about this plugin?

If you have an online shop with multiple items of different weights, sizes, shapes etc. – you can customise shipping costs to suit the variables of different products.

Best features of the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages plugin

  • You can create your own conditions
  • You can set up a base cost with additional cost per product
  • You can set up cost per interval
  • Four default options for shipping costs, including:
  • Cost per weight
  • Cost per shipping class
  • Cost per category
  • Cost per product

This advanced plugin has helpful support options and would be helpful to those looking to send separate packages to the same customer.

#2. Best plugin for flexible shipping customisation – Table Rate Shipping

If your online store is looking for highly customisable shipping – this plugin is for you.

Just a few of the features of this time-saving plugin:

  • Add multiple rates for a customer based on conditions set by admin
  • Set price based on postcode
  • Set price based on weight
  • Option to add additional fees for handling
  • Allows for customer options- e.g. standard or express shipping

Use this plugin if you’re looking to customise the way your shipping costs are determined.

#3. Best shipping plugin for tracking and customer support – Shipping Details

Customers love being able to track their package.

It triggers a pang of the feeling you got when you were a kid on December 24, knowing Santa was on his way.

Customers love it, and you should use it.

We’ve got a whole article on how to use parcel tracking to increase repeat sales.

Now for the nitty gritty on this handy WooCommerce plugin –

  • You can add courier details to all emails sent after entering tracking numbers
  • Select from over 140 couriers
  • Allows users to track their order from the view order page
  • When the order is marked ‘complete’ you can send an email with tracking details
  • Dynamic Tracking URLs allow you to see your tracking details automatically when clicking the link instead of manually entering the tracking number

These are just three of the numerous ecommerce plugins which will help your business with shipping.

Below is a list of a few others we also recommend to improve the shipping operations of any online retailer:

Before getting too excited, remember – not all plugins will work for your business.

Evaluate the plugin and its relevance to your business before adding it to your site.

The 4 checks you need before investing in another WordPress plugin

Avoid the stress of downloading a plugin you won’t need and run through this essential checklist from WooCommerce first:

#1. Make sure it’s a legitimate plugin
#2. Check the WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities database for your plugin
#3. Check support options
#4. Perform a gut check – ask yourself if you really need the plugin

Now go forth and find the best plugin for your ecommerce website.

If you’re still feeling a bit lost in the world of shipping, just download our Shipping Made Easy guide. This free downloadable resource will help you develop effective postage strategies, clear returns policies and give you some shipping tips from the goliaths of the ecommerce retail industry.