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We have been aware of the environmental impact of the freight and logistics industry for years now.

The environment is changing at a rapid pace and we are conscious of the impact that businesses like ours have.

Myself and fellow director Nigel Beale determined we had a personal responsibility to do something on behalf of our company and our customers – becoming Carbon Neutral certified is a huge step in the right direction for ensuring the protection of our environment.

We are proud to announce all Transdirect services are now carbon offset

The choice to go carbon neutral was a natural step for us.

As parents, Nigel and myself feel personally responsible for creating change in an industry that has a huge impact on the environment. Becoming 100% carbon neutral is one significant step towards creating leading work practices and an environmentally positive business model.

We want all children for generations to live in and enjoy a healthy environment.

People are keenly aware of what’s happening in the environment right now. Often, they don’t know what to do or how to help. So we are stepping in to provide a pro-active choice in a critical service industry, to say, “work with a business who actively cares about the environment”.

It’s a cost we are funding, but it’s worth it to ensure the future of this earth. Every action counts, and this is a monumental decision for our business. Every service our customers book will now have the carbon offset. We are ensuring that the carbon generated by our partners and suppliers are offset too, so every time you book with us you are supporting a carbon neutral shipping service.

To become carbon neutral, we have partnered with the Carbon Reduction Institute to offset the emissions of our freight services. We were audited to identify the amount of carbon created and were able to offset our emissions through Carbon Reduction Institute’s certified program – neutralising our footprint. Regular audits ensure the number of offsets is matched to the number of carbon emissions created by our freight services.

What Transdirect Clients Can Expect

Working with a carbon neutral freight company means your choices are significant in helping the environment.

Become a Transdirect member to support a carbon neutral status and ensure your customers that their purchases are shipped in an environmentally friendly way.

By becoming a Transdirect member, you’ll never need to hunt for Carbon Neutral shipping quotes – you can be assured that every choice we offer is certified carbon neutral.

Consumers are making more conscious choices with their dollar and you have the opportunity to simply and easily add carbon neutral shipping to your service offering.

Expand your customer reach by promoting your relationship with an eco-conscious businesses while doing your bit for the planet.


Trent Alexander, Director of Transdirect

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