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100% Certified Carbon Neutral Shipping, Globally

In 2019, Transdirect became 100% certified carbon neutral, and we remain one of the few courier providers to offer our customers this benefit. We teamed up with the Carbon Reduction Institute to offset all emissions from our courier and freight service partners.

What that means is, any delivery service you book with us will help to reduce the carbon footprint impacting our environment. It doesn’t matter if it’s local, interstate or international delivery, from small parcels to large pallets and freight, or which of our Courier Partners you ship with, you’ll automatically be doing your part.

Carbon Neutral Delivery & Shipping

How Does Carbon Neutral Delivery Work?

To become carbon neutral, Transdirect partnered with the Carbon Reduction Institute. Our target was and is to offset 100% of the emissions of our freight services. First, we were audited to identify the amount of carbon created. Through the Carbon Reduction Institute’s certified program, we were able to offset our emissions and neutralise our footprint.

Regular audits ensure the number of offsets is matched to the number of carbon emissions created by our freight and shipping services. We launched this initiative in September 2019, becoming one of only two Australian shipping providers to offer carbon-offset services to all of our clients. Learn more about carbon offsets and the NoCO2 certification.

Saving Our Environment, Together

We’ve been in the transportation and logistics industry for many years, and we realise the impact our services have on the environment. Of course, people and businesses still need delivery and shipping services, for countless reasons.

That’s why we’re always searching for new and better ways to provide the optimal services our 100,000+ customers have relied upon for years, with more environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of transport. One major step has been implementing carbon offsets and achieving our carbon-neutral certification.

Let’s Spread The Word

If you’re using our delivery services with your business, why not let your customers know that you’ve chosen a 100% carbon-neutral shipping service? The more we can spread the word, the more carbon-offset shipping can grow to become the standard, and the healthier our environment will be as a result.

Please feel free to use our 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery badges below on your website or social channels to let your customers know you’re committed to the cause. Simply click to download and save, and repost wherever appropriate. (And let us know, so we can say thank you!)

Transdirect 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery
Transdirect 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery
Transdirect 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery
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