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Save time sending shipments with our new streamlined booking process

Shipping with Transdirect is faster than ever

Speed up your shipment bookings with our new streamlined process that will save you time.

Save time sending shipments with our streamlined booking process

Time is money. That’s why we’ve moved mountains to speed up our booking process so you can get more shipments booked, faster. It all comes down to our new streamlined booking process that pre selects your terms and conditions preferences, and auto saves your payment details, pick-up addresses and inventory box size all through your members area. It’s all part of Transdirect’s commitment to taking the stress out of shipping.

4 ways Transdirect has streamlined the booking process

  1. Pre selected terms and conditions No more endless tick boxes acknowledging a long list of terms and conditions, warranties and labelling requirements. Use pre selected preferences to breeze through the booking process.
  2. Auto saved payments details Now you can store your PayPal or credit card payment details in your Transdirect members area to use automatically for your next booking. No more fumbling for credit cards or forgotten passwords.
  3. Auto saved addresses Do you use regular pick-up and delivery addresses? Auto save your most often used address details in your members area to save even more time in the booking process.
  4. Auto saved inventory If you ship the same package sizes on a regular basis, there’s no need to enter individual box sizes. Simply auto save your most popular package dimensions and you’re away.

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