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Add packaging, handling and administration surcharges to your eBay shipments.

eBay shipping that protects your profits

Add handling and administration surcharges to your eBay shipments with our upgraded eBay postage calculator.


Do you have a thriving eBay store with mounting packaging and handling costs that are taking a bite out of your bottom line?

Transdirect is here to solve your shipping dilemmas with our upgraded eBay postage calculator that lets you seamlessly add a range of surcharges to all your eBay shipments.

eBay shipping that protects your bottom line

You’ll never get caught short again on admin costs eating into your eBay profits thanks to Transdirect’s upgraded eBay postage calculator.

You can now easily add additional packaging, warehouse, handling, insurance and administration costs to all your eBay shipment quotes while maintaining a seamless customer experience.

Instant shipping quotes without leaving your eBay page

Integrating our upgraded postage calculator into your eBay store is simple. With our freight wizard, your eBay customers will receive instant shipping costs without leaving your store.

To make it happen, visit our eBay postage calculator, enter your details and we’ll generate the HTML code that will allow you to add the calculator to your eBay listings.

Need a hand adding HTML code to an eBay description? Check out this how-to video.

Three calculator styles to choose from

We know how hard you work to ensure the best possible customer experience. That’s why we’ve developed three shipping calculator styles to match the look and feel of your eBay store.

Select from basic, boxed or linked calculator designs that will deliver instant shipping costs to your customers – and look good while they do it!

Get started!

Stop growing costs eating up your eBay profits and head over to our eBay postage calculator for the solution.


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