WordPress Woocommerce Integration – Guide:v1

Application Description

Transdirect Shipping Plugin for Woocommerce gives you access to Australia’s largest courier and freight companies, and allows your clients a seamless checkout process.

Main Features

  • Free to use
  • Simple configuration
  • Great shipping rates from Fastway, Couriers Please, Toll Priority, Northline, Mainfreight and more
  • Seamless checkout process for your clients
  • Box Sizing
  • Order Sync Functionality


  • PHP version off at least 5.6
  • WordPress 4.x
  • WordPress WooCommerce Plugin
  • An active Transdirect Member account. You can sign up for an account at www.Transdirect.com.au

To find out more about Transdirect’s service, please contact sales@transdirect.com.au


  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from here. Then simply log in to your WordPress Admin Panel and under Plugins select “Add New” and search for “Transdirect” and then click install.
  2. Remember, you must have installed Woocomerce before using this plugin, for more information on installing Woocomerce please see:
  3. Once installed, please make sure you have activated the plugin in the plugins list

  4. Login to Transdirect using your Member Account, then click the API Modules  link on the left side menu’s list.
  5. On the dropdown, select wordpress and click “ADD NEW”

  6. Enter your site domain or name then click “ADD”.

  7. You will be redirected to the module page, copy the API Key generated.

  8. Login to your wordpress store site as admin.
  9. Go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Transdirect Shipping.
  10. Enter the API Key and click Save.
  11. You can also test the API through the “Test API” button, which will alert you if your API is valid or not.

Module Setup

Warehouse Address

  1. Enter your pickup postcode. This will be the default postcode address where the courier calculations will base the origin of shipments.
  2. Select if the type of location is “Commercial” or “Residential based on where your warehouse/pickup point is located.


Rules enable you to add conditions to quotes based on the postcode or weight. Shipping can also be configured to have a “free shipping/fixed rate” depending on the configuration or condition added.

Default Item Size

Enter in default package dimensions. Default package dimensions will be used if you do not input custom package dimension for a specific product.


If enabled, the Transdirect plugin will add insurance value in quotes calculations.

Order Sync Setup

If enabled, the Transdirect plugin will upload order information to your transdirect members area as your customers checkout, allowing for easy booking of your orders.
If the first checkbox is selected then only orders with Transdirect as shiping method are synced and if the second checkbox is checked, then all orders will be synced.

Module Display Mode

  • If Full Calculator Mode is selected then the calculator will appear on your checkout page.
  • If Simplified Mode is selected then the calculator will be hidden and the quotes will automatically be generated depending on the buyers address.
  • If No Display Mode is selected then no quotes will be generated but your orders will still be synced to your Transdirect account.

Quote Display

Select type of Quote to display, These options will control what quotes are displayed to your clients:

  • Display All Quotes – This will display all quotes sorted by cheapest to most expensive;
  • Display Cheapest – This will only show a single quote which is the cheapest;
  • Display Cheapest & Fastest – This will display two quotes, the cheapest quote, and the fastest quote;

Please keep in mind that all of these options are applied after more advanced options available below are applied.

Apply General Surcharge

This adds a fixed $ amount or a % into the final quotes that displayed, this can be used to cover handling expenses.

Disabling Couriers

If you would like to disable quotes from a particular courier service, then you can uncheck the box left of the row, if unselected quotes for this courier will not be calculated.

Rename / Group Couriers

The rename feature allows for you to hide the name of the courier, and allow something more user friendly to be displayed in the front end, eg. “Air Express” or “Road Courier”

You can also use this option to Group couriers, if you call multiple services by the same name, then only the cheapest option will be used and displayed. For example, you could call all the same day services “Same Day” and all road services “Road Express”, and your client would get presented with only 2 options during the checkout process.

Order Boxing

Order box is used to calculate the added box for grouping your Items.

Maximum of 5 boxes can only be added by the user.

Enabling this feature will automatically group the items in the suited box created and will be used for calculating the rates.

Orders Page (Order sync function enabled)

  • Login to your Transdirect account
  • From top navigation, Select the Orders Link
  • Then select one of the orders that synced from your store
  • Click “BOOK NOW” dropdown and select “Book” to continue booking
  • Fill all details on quickbook to make booking complete


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