Discover Transdirect's fully integrated API ecommerce plugin for your Magento store

Transdirect specialises in creating revolutionary ecommerce shipping calculators and quoting systems to work with your Magento ecommerce website. It is our aim to make the process of having to individually and manually work out delivery costs a thing of the past, and provide a simplistic and automated solution to this common issue.

Going hand in hand with our courier services, our Magento ecommerce shipping process is simple:

  1. A customer on your website finds something they would like to order
  2. They enter their postcode, and our API plugin provides them an instant and accurate delivery estimate
  3. They are able to checkout, with our system automatically including the delivery costs in the final payment total
  4. Our system notifies you of the sale, allowing you to verify when the stock is ready to be shipped
  5. Once you have verified the order is ready to be fulfilled, we will send you a consignment label for the item and one of our courier drivers will come and collect it to deliver to your customer
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