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Why Transdirect is a perfect solution to your ecommerce shipping needs
At Transdirect, nothing makes us happier than knowing our customers are thrilled with the shipping solutions we offer.
However, some of you may not be aware of the incredible things you can do with Transdirect – for example, did you know you can add our plugin to your website so your customers can see the cost of their shipping, as they’re ordering?
There are several benefits to your business when using the Transdirect service to regularly ship your products,


How To View Account Summary Information In Transdirect’s Members Area

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Here at Transdirect, we’re committed to providing fast, affordable shipping for ecommerce business owners.
We know how busy running an online store can be. Being your own boss means managing employees, keeping track of inventory, communicating with customers, handling exchanges and returns, plus making sure all parcels are getting shipped on time (i.e. as soon as humanly possible).
Juggling so many tasks at once leaves you looking for areas in the business where you can save time and minimise manual labour.


The Transdirect Promise: Flexible Payment Options To Manage Your Shipping Expenses With Ease

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Looking to send a package to a remote location?
No? How about some speedy metro delivery, or the best price on sending bulky items?
Are your customers desperate for same-day delivery, or the ability to select a specific date for their package to arrive?
You’re a business owner. You want to provide a wide range of shipping options and give your customers the best possible post-purchase experience.
However, express or global delivery can be expensive for the business,


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