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Googys: How Transdirect helped this protein business pack a bigger punch

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If there’s one thing customers love from an online store, it’s free shipping. Our friends over at Googys know this well. 
According to new data on customer loyalty, 61% of customers are motivated to test out a new brand or product if a business offers free shipping. If there’s no free shipping, the same amount of customers are inclined to abandon cart! That’ll scramble your business growth potential!
Yep, there’s serious potential in offering free shipping.


5 News Years Resolutions that will help small business owners smash 2019!

2019 resolutions

The new year is well and truly upon us and among the classic new year fitness fanatics, we have the parents who are determined to be more “mindful” in their school holiday activities and the Instagram addicts who have sworn off spending every waking minute adding to their stories in the new year.
Yes, the new year really brings out the best in everyone.
The new year doesn’t have to be filled with unachievable New Year’s resolutions –


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