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Transdirect’s Insurance & Warranty Policy Summarised


When you ship your products with Transdirect, you are shipping with a company who is dedicated to getting your goods from A to B in good condition. For those who require additional warranty for whatever reason, we also offer a range of insurance and warranty packages.
Two of our couriers offer conditional warranties at no extra cost to yourself – these are Couriers Please and Fastway. These warranties are included in the price of the consignment,


The future of ecommerce in Australia

online shopping

Australian ecommerce retailers have a bright future ahead.
Growth predictions expect that the Australian ecommerce market will balloon from around $13.9 billion AUD in 2017 to $21.7 billion AUD by the end of 2022.
As Australians increasingly adopt online shopping as a part of their daily lives, the ecommerce industry continues to evolve.   
On the supply side, ecommerce businesses will be eagerly embracing innovation and improvements in areas like customer experience and logistics to differentiate their offerings. 


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