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Package Details (edit)

  • Package Type: Carton
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Dimensions: (l) 30cm x (w) 25cm x (h) 30cm
  • Quantity: 1

Quote (edit)

  • Pickup: Today
  • Insurance: Yes ($2,000)
  • Est. Delivery: $23.00
  • Price: 1

Collection Details (edit)

  • From: Suite 510, 50 Holt St. Surry Hills, NSW 2010
  • To: Level 2, 78 Kippax St. Surry Hills, NSW 2010
  • Special Instruction: Leave at front door

Additional Information

  • Goods will not be picked up unless the supplied consignment note is properly attached.
  • All goods must be packed into a carton or on a pallet / skid / crate. Non Fragile items can be covered in bubble wrap or plastic. Suitcases and travel cases are accepted as they are.
  • If using a pallet or a skid, the goods must still be packed into a carton or a crate, then wrapped on to the skid/pallet.
  • If freight is not packed appropriately, or the item is not available at the pickup location at the designated date and time, you will be charged a $30 futile pick-up fee.
  • Re-delivery charges will apply where an attempt to deliver fails due to the receiver being unable to accept the item(s). A basic charge of $10 plus $.40c per kg will be charged based on the greater cubic or dead weight (250kg = 1 cubicmetre).
  • Correct declaration of weight and dimensions - Can you please ensure that you indicate the correct weight and dimensions of you carton. If it is underweighed, or over your specified external dimensions, your delivery will be put on hold and an extra charge $2 per kg will be added and an administration fee of $10 will apply.
  • $20 cancellation fee applies for all orders.
  • $30 Futile pickup fee will apply if a cancellation is made on the date of collection.
  • $20 'change of details' fee applies for all changes after the booking process is finalised.
  • If our drivers are made to wait for any reason during pickup or delivery, a waiting charge may apply. This is charged at $15 per 15 minute intervals.
  • The Consignment Note supplied via email after booking MUST be attached to the item(s) before pickup. Failure to have the consignment note attached will result in a Futile Pickup Charge.